Print Advertising Opportunities

A great way to reach a wealth of new patients and referral sources, advertising in Super Dentists helps brand you as one of the leading dentists in your area.

Profiles and display advertisements are available in Super Dentists special advertising sections in leading city and regional publications.

Advertising prices vary in each state; please ask the associate publisher/advertising contact in your area for more information. Three advertising options are available.


Option #1 -- Standard Profile

Standard Profiles include:

  • Color photo
  • Dentist contact information
  • 100-word biography
  • Profile will appear on for one year

Option #2 -- Platinum Profile

Platinum Profiles highlight you or all dentists chosen to the Super Dentists list in your clinic. Available in a full-page advertisement or two-page spread.


Platinum Profiles include:

  • Services of a professional photographer to shoot a full-color photo
  • A copy editor to assist in the preparation of the profile
  • 25 bonus copies of the city or regional publication in which Super Dentists appears in a special advertising section
  • 300 Platinum Profile reprints
  • A framed reprint of the Platinum Profile
  • A framed Super Dentists certificate
  • Profile will appear on for one year

Please note: We will provide editorial assistance and a photographer for all Platinum Profiles. Copy limit is 250 words. Your firm will be responsible for payment for any additional photo sessions that may be needed.

Profiles are designed to have a uniform and cohesive style suitable for Super Dentists sections. As such, the layout and design of the Profiles (including the use of color, typeface, photo cropping, sizing and placement) will be determined by the Super Dentists staff and each city or regional publication.

While the final profile will be similar to the samples shown on this Web site, we reserve the right to make design modifications to ensure what we believe is the best presentation of Platinum Profiles.

In compliance with editorial standards, the words "SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION" will appear at the top of every page in the Super Dentists special advertising section of the city or regional publication, including Platinum Profile pages. The Super Dentists special advertising section will not be headlined on the city or regional publication cover or listed in the regular table of contents. However, in magazines that include a special section table of contents, Super Dentists will be listed.


Option #3 -- Display Advertising

Display advertising positions are available within and adjacent to Super Dentists listings. Contact the associate publisher for your area, who can provide more specific information.

Option #4 -- Expanded Online Profiles

Produce results with an expanded presentation of your credentials.

Expanded Online Profiles include:

  • Premium placement in search results - Profile advertisers appear first followed by other listings matching the search criteria.
  • Color photo
  • 100 word biography/practice description
  • Display of three dental specialties
  • Display of dental school
  • Display of past and current years the dentist has been listed
  • Full address and contact information
  • E-mail contact link
  • Active web address link
  • Detail of your dental specialty focus, past achievements and recognition, organized by our research.
  • Links to your blogs, videos, social media pages, etc.

For questions, please e-mail Online Profile Services -- or call (612) 370-1748

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Super Dentists identifies top dentists as selected by their peers and the independent research of MSP Communications.

Super Dentists is published online and also in print as a special advertising section in leading newspapers and city and regional magazines.

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